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Respondent: Johan Anders af Darelli (1718–1780)

Title: Lignum colubrinum leviter delineatum ...

Date of Defense: 11 March 1749

Paginations: [i], [1], 3-22

Lidén Title: Lignum colubrinum.

Soulsby Title: Lign. colubr.

Drake Title: Lignum Colubrinum.

Note: P. 17 misnumbered 13 in one of three copies.

Abstract: On the medicinal use of strychnine from the roots of the snakewood or Mungos tree, Strychnos colubrina L. (Loganiaceae), especially for snakebite poisoning. Its use is contrasted with that of the related drug, nux-vomica.

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Respondent: Johan Otto Hagström (1716–1792)

Title: ... de Generatione Calculi, ...

Date of Defense: 5 April 1749

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-17 (i.e., 27), [1]

Lidén Title: Generatio calculi.

Soulsby Title: Generat. calc.

Drake Title: Generatione Calculi.

Note: P. 27 misnumbered 17.

Abstract: An essay on urine and the origin and treatment of bladder gallstones and gout.

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Respondent: Jonas Andersson Kiernander (1721–1778)

Title: Radix Senega, ...

Date of Defense: {8} April 1749

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-32, 1 plate

Lidén Title: Radix Senega.

Soulsby Title: Rad. Senega

Drake Title: Radix Senega.

Note: P. 13 misnumbered 14; two copies have day supplied in manuscript.

Abstract: An account of the botanical and medical properties of Senega snakeroot, or milkwort (Polygala senega L.), a plant of eastern North America used by the indians to treat snake bites.

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Respondent: Pehr (Petrus) Löfling (1729–1756)

Title: Gemmae Arborum, ...

Date of Defense: 18 November 1749

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-32

Lidén Title: Gemmae arborum.

Soulsby Title: Gem. arb.

Drake Title: Gemmae Arborum.

Note: P. 31 misnumbered 13.

Abstract: An essay on the buds of deciduous trees, with a morphological classification, based on structure and position, of 108 species of trees and shrubs, designed to provide a means of identifying them in winter.

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Respondent: Eric Elff (1718–1761)

Title: ... de Haemorrhagiis uteri sub statu graviditatis, ...

Date of Defense: 6 December 1749

Paginations: [i], [1], 3-23, [1]

Lidén Title: Haemorrhagiae uteri sub statu graviditatis.

Soulsby Title: Haemor. uteri

Drake Title: Haemorrhagiis uteri sub statu graviditatis.

Note: P. 12 misnumbered 2.

Abstract: A medical essay on uterine hemorrhaging at or hemorrhaging following parturition, and treatment to be given.

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Respondent: Nils L. Hesselgren (b. 1729)

Title: Pan Svecicus, ...

Date of Defense: 9 December 1749

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-38

Lidén Title: Pan svecicus.

Soulsby Title: Pan Svec.

Drake Title: Pan Svecicus.

Note: P. 37 misnumbered 39.

Abstract: This is a tabulation, in six columns, of 856 species of forage plants named and described in Linnaeus' Flora Suecica (1745). Linnaeus' adoption of the name Pan is from classical application to the pastoral life (especially of shepherds and herdsmen). The work introduced a binary name for each species, the second publication in which Linnaeus did this (for the first, see his dissertation, Gemmae arborum, 1749). The remaining columns identify the kind of animal that was observed to eat (or reject) the plant.

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Respondent: Lars Jonasson Montin (1723–1785)

Title: ... sistens Splachnum, ...

Date of Defense: {28} March 1750

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-15, [1], 1 plate

Lidén Title: Splachnum.

Soulsby Title: Splachnum

Drake Title: Splachnum.

Note: Day supplied in manuscript on two copies; third copy lacks day.

Abstract: Splachnum L. is a moss genus (Splachnaceae), with a capsule that bears spores only in the upper portion, and whose swollen lower half is chlorophyll-bearing. The note on p. 3 provides a description of Juncus biglumis L. (see also fig. 3).

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Respondent: Peter Jonas Bergius (1730–1790)

Title: Semina Muscorum detecta ...

Date of Defense: 25 April {1750}

Paginations: [vi], [1], 2-18, title page figure

Lidén Title: Semina muscorum detecta.

Soulsby Title: Sem. musc.

Drake Title: Semina Muscorum detecta.

Note: Two copies have year printed 1750; Soulsby brackets year [1750].

Abstract: On the fructification (spore production) of mosses.

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Respondent: Jonas Sidrén (1723– 1799)

Title: ... de Materia Medica in Regno Animali, ...

Date of Defense: 25 June 1750

Paginations: [i], [1], 3-20

Lidén Title: Materia medica in regno animali.

Soulsby Title: Mat. med. anim.

Drake Title: Materia Medica in Regno Animali.


Abstract: A compendium of material medica from the animal kingdom, accounting for 67 subjects (mostly animal species) used in medicinal preparations.

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Respondent: Jonas Petri Halenius (1727–1810)

Title: Plantae rariores Camschatcenses, ...

Date of Defense: 22 December 1750

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-30, 1 plate

Lidén Title: Plantae rariores camschatcenses.

Soulsby Title: Pl. rar. Camsch.

Drake Title: Plantae rariores Camschatcenses.

Note: P. 26 misnumbered 62 in one of three copies.

Abstract: An account of 26 species of Siberian plants new to Linnaeus, who received them from Johan Georg Gmelin (1709-1755). Gmelin spent much of the period from 1733 to 1743 exploring the natural history of Siberia, on orders from Empress Anne of Russia.

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