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Respondent: Samuel Ziervogel (1730–1797)

Title: ... sistens Rhabarbarum, ...

Date of Defense: 17 July 1752

Paginations: [vi], [2], 3-24, 1 plate

Lidén Title: Rhabarbarum.

Soulsby Title: Rhabarbarum

Drake Title: Rhabarbarum.


Abstract: On the medicinal use of rhubarb (Rheum palmatum) of the Polygonaceae.

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Respondent: Christopher Eliasson Gedner (1730–1773)

Title: Quaestio historico naturalis: Cui Bono? Quam breviter solutam ...

Date of Defense: 21 October 1752

Paginations: [viii], [1], 2-29, [1]

Lidén Title: Cui bono.

Soulsby Title: Cui bono?

Drake Title: Quaestio Historico-naturalis: Cui bono? soluta.


Abstract: This dissertation embodies Linnaeus' thoughts on his philosophy of nature, and asks the question: "To what purpose are the researches of the naturalist?"

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Respondent: Jonas Gustaf Forsskåhl (1727–1783)

Title: Hospita Insectorum Flora, ...

Date of Defense: 4 November 1752

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-40

Lidén Title: Hospita insectorum flora.

Soulsby Title: Hosp. insect. fl.

Drake Title: Hospita Insectorum Flora.


Abstract: A history of entomological literature and its authors, with a classification system for the insects of Sweden, including identifications of host plants.

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Respondent: Fredric Lindberg (1733–1779)

Title: Nutrix Noverca, ...

Date of Defense: 7 November 1752

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-20, [2]

Lidén Title: Nutrix noverca.

Soulsby Title: Nutr. noverca

Drake Title: Nutrix Noverca.


Abstract: An essay on the advantages of breast-feeding infants, in which it is stressed that diseases and temperaments are transmitted to the child via the mother's milk and that for this reason alone the use of wet nurses is discouraged.

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Respondent: Gabriel Emanuel Avelin

Title: ... sistens Miracula Insectorum, ...

Date of Defense: 11 November 1752

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-22, [2]

Lidén Title: Miracula insectorum.

Soulsby Title: Mirac. insect.

Drake Title: Miracula Insectorum.


Abstract: Treats the physiology of some insects.

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Respondent: Michaël A. Baeckner (1728–1759)

Title: Noxa Insectorum. ...

Date of Defense: {18} December 1752

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-32, [4]

Lidén Title: Noxa insectorum.

Soulsby Title: Noxa insect.

Drake Title: Noxa Insectorum.

Note: Three copies have day supplied in manuscript.

Abstract: A compendium of noxious insects that affect animals and plants, classified among 11 divisions based on the subjects of prey or infestation. These divisions include: humans, domestic animals, fruit trees, culinary herbs, wood structures and furniture, clothes and furs, forage and seed grains, ornamental trees and shrubs and house plants, pastures and grain crops (in the field).

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Respondent: Harald Barck (1722–1782)

Title: Vernatio Arborum, ...

Date of Defense: 5 May 1753

Paginations: [iv], [1], 6-20, 1 chart

Lidén Title: Vernatio arborum.

Soulsby Title: Vern. arb.

Drake Title: Vernatio Arborum.


Abstract: A compilation of results of inquiries made throughout Sweden on the vernaliation of trees and shrubs, together with meteorological data, to aid in determination of times to plant grains and related crops.

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Respondent: Jacob Bjuur (1732–1774)

Title: Incrementa Botanices proximae praeterlapsi semiseculi, ...

Date of Defense: 2 June 1753

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-20

Lidén Title: Incrementa botanices.

Soulsby Title: Incr. bot.

Drake Title: Incrementa Botanices proxime praeterlapsi Semiseculi.


Abstract: A brief history of botany, which contains information concerning the introduction of woodcuts into herbals, particularly those printed by Christopher Plantin and John Norton.

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Respondent: Johan Christian Höjer (1730–?)

Title: Demonstrationes Plantarum in Horto Upsaliense 1753, ...

Date of Defense: 3 October 1753

Paginations: [viii], [1], 2-27, [1]

Lidén Title: Demonstrationes plantarum in horto upsaliensi 1753.

Soulsby Title: Demonstr. pl.

Drake Title: Demonstrationes Plantarum in Horto Upsaliensi MDCCLIII.


Abstract: An enumeration of some 1,450 species of exotic plants grown in the Uppsala botanic garden. This is the first publication after Species plantarum (1753) to use Linnaean binomials. William T. Stearn (1911-2001) considered this a first supplement to Species plantarum as it names and describes (in the footnotes) species not included therein.

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Respondent: Anders Niclas Fornander (1719–1794)

Title: Herbationes Upsalienses, ...

Date of Defense: 13 October 1753

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-20

Lidén Title: Herbationes upsalienses.

Soulsby Title: Herbat. Upsal.

Drake Title: Herbationes Upsalienses.

Note: One copy has day supplied in manuscript.

Abstract: About the organization and conduct of Linnaeus' field excursions in the environs around Uppsala, and of the plants, animals, and habitats encountered. The popularity and flamboyance of these excursions were frowned upon by Linnaeus' university colleagues.

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