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Respondent: Christian Lado (1741–after 1770)

Title: ... in qua Motus polychrestus delineatur, ...

Date of Defense: 23 December 1763

Paginations: [iii], [1], 2-20

Lidén Title: Motus polychrestus.

Soulsby Title: Mot. polychr.

Drake Title: Motus Polychrestus.


Abstract: An essay on the importance of physical exercise as a preservative and restorative of good health. Diseases caused by inactivity include hypochondriasis, asthmatic conditions, constipation, tuberculosis, and severe hemi-cranial headaches.

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Respondent: Jonas Carl Tengborg (1740–1788)

Title: Hortus Culinaris, ...

Date of Defense: 20 {21} June 1764

Paginations: [v], [1], 7-26

Lidén Title: Hortus culinaris.

Soulsby Title: Hort. cul.

Drake Title: Hortus Culinaris.

Note: Date corrected in manuscript in all three copies.

Abstract: An essay on edible and economic plants of Sweden, their culture and hardiness. Includes those then in use and others suggested.

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Respondent: Peter Bergius (1740–1819)

Title: ... in qua Spiritus Frumenti proponitur, ...

Date of Defense: 19 December 1764

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-20

Lidén Title: Spiritus frumenti.

Soulsby Title: Spir. frum.

Drake Title: Spiritus Frumenti.


Abstract: An historical account of the distillation of spirits from grains and other fruits, first reported in Europe by Arnold de Villa Nova (ca. 1315), after which a grape brandy was an important article of commerce in Venice. Details are given on manufacture of grain spirits in Sweden, together with their use when treating various disorders medicinally. The physical penalties from excessive use as intoxicants are reviewed from both moral and political viewpoints.

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Respondent: Daniel Johan Öhrqvist (1738–?)

Title: ... de Diaeta per scalam aetatis humanae observanda, ...

Date of Defense: {20 December} 1764

Paginations: [iii], [1], 5-12

Lidén Title: Diaeta aetatum.

Soulsby Title: Diaet. scal.

Drake Title: Diaeta per Scalam Aetatis Humanae observanda.

Note: Both copies have the day and month supplied in

Abstract: A medical essay on physiological changes experienced by man, from birth to death, with diet prescriptions for each period, and the disorders that may be avoided by adherence to the author's recommendations.

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Respondent: Wilhelm Le Moine (ca. 1735–1790)

Title: Opobalsamum declaratum ...

Date of Defense: 22 December 1764

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-19 (i.e., 18)

Lidén Title: Opobalsamum declaratum.

Soulsby Title: Opobals.

Drake Title: Opobalsamum Declaratum in Dissertat. Medica.

Note: Both copies have page 18 misnumbered as 19; one copy also has page 16 misnumbered as page 19.

Abstract: This is about the shrub Commiphora opobalsamum (L.) Engler (Burseraceae) from whose gum the Balm of Gilead is produced. It was discovered by Pehr Forsskål, a pupil of Linnaeus, near Medina, Felix Arabia (Yemen).

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Respondent: Daniel Weser (1743–1784)

Title: ... de Hirudine, ...

Date of Defense: {6} May {March} 1764 {1765}

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-15, [1]

Lidén Title: Hirudo.

Soulsby Title: Hirudo

Drake Title: De Hirudine.

Note: All three copies have the date on the title

Abstract: An essay on the use and efficacy of leeches for blood-letting, including the anatomy and natural history of leeches, the means of obtaining them and the opinions of the ancients.

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Respondent: Anders Petrus Bäckman (1744–1766)

Title: ... Fundamenta Ornithologica exhibituram, ...

Date of Defense: 4 May 1765

Paginations: [v], [1], 6 (i.e., 7)-28, 1 plate

Lidén Title: Fundamenta ornithologica.

Soulsby Title: Fund. ornith.

Drake Title: Fundamenta Ornithologica.

Note: P. 7 misnumbered 6, p. 8 misnumbered 7.

Abstract: An exposition of the fundamentals of Linnaeus' classification of birds, with a glossary. Includes biographical notes on ornithologists.

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Respondent: Carl Ribben (1734–1803)

Title: Circa Fervidorum et Gelidorum Usum Paraenesis, ...

Date of Defense: 12 June 1765

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-23

Lidén Title: Fervidorum et gelidorum usus.

Soulsby Title: Ferv. gel.

Drake Title: Circa Fervidorum & Gelidorum Usum Paraenesis.


Abstract: Discusses the medical hazards of eating extremely hot or cold foods and the resultant human ailments.

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Respondent: Nils Skragge (1738–1787)

Title: ... qua Morbi Artificum leviter adumbrantur ...

Date of Defense: 15 June 1765

Paginations: [i], [1], 2 (i.e., 3)-12

Lidén Title: Morbi artificum.

Soulsby Title: Morb. artif.

Drake Title: Morbi Artificum.

Note: P. 3 misnumbered 2; p. 4 misnumbered 3.

Abstract: A study of industrial and occupational diseases, based in part on the writings of Bernardin Rammazini, 1633-1714. It treats the problems of miners, stone-quarrymen, painters, and also the hazards attendant to too close an application to any business or profession.

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Respondent: Isaac Uddman (1731–1781)

Title: Lepra, ...

Date of Defense: 17 June 1765

Paginations: [ii], [1], 2-14

Lidén Title: Lepra.

Soulsby Title: Lepra

Drake Title: Lepra.


Abstract: An overview of leprosy, including hypotheses about causes, types of leprosy, possible treatments.

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