Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Isaac Svensson (1726–1795)

Title: ... de Pane Diaetetico, ...

Date of Defense: 8 June 1757

Paginations: [iv], [1], 6-20

Lidén Title: Panis diaeteticus.

Soulsby Title: Pane diaet.

Drake Title: Pane Diaetetico.


Abstract: An essay on bread, including the kinds of grain from which it may be made (including substitutes such as rice, millet, sago flour, yams, sea-rush, etc.). Details of flour grinding, dough preparation and baking, as well as nutritional value of various kinds of bread are given. The merits and faults of leavened, unleavened and fermented breads are discussed. The eating of hot, freshly made bread is considered unwholesome.

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