Comprehensive Scheme for Standardized Abbreviation of Usable Plant-Family Names and Type-Based Suprafamilial Names

Abbr Familysort descending
TAPI Tapisciaceae
TAX+ Taxaceae
TAXO Taxodiaceae
TECO Tecophilaeaceae
TECT Tectariaceae
TELE Telephiaceae
TEPU Tepuianthaceae
TERM Terminaliaceae
TERN Ternstroemiaceae
TETP Tetracarpaeaceae
TETR Tetracentraceae
TETN Tetrachondraceae
TETL Tetraclinaceae
TETD Tetradiclidaceae
TETG Tetragoniaceae
TETM Tetramelaceae
TETT Tetrameristaceae
TETS Tetrastylidiaceae
TETH Tetrathecaceae
THAS Thalassiaceae
THAL Thalictraceae
THE+ Theaceae
THEL Theligonaceae
THEP Thelypteridaceae
THEM Themidaceae