Comprehensive Scheme for Standardized Abbreviation of Usable Plant-Family Names and Type-Based Suprafamilial Names - browse

Abbr Familysort descending
TUMB Tumboaceae
TUPI Tupistraceae
TURN Turneraceae
TUSS Tussilagaceae
TYPH Typhaceae
UAPA Uapacaceae
ULLU Ullucaceae
ULM+ Ulmaceae
ULMA Ulmariaceae
UMBE Umbelliferae
URTI Urticaceae
UTRI Utriculariaceae
UVUL Uvulariaceae
VACC Vacciniaceae
VAHL Vahliaceae
VALE Valerianaceae
VALL Vallisneriaceae
VANI Vanillaceae
VELL Velloziaceae
VERA Veratraceae
VERS Verbascaceae
VERB Verbenaceae
VERC Vernicaceae
VERN Vernoniaceae
VERO Veronicaceae