Comprehensive Scheme for Standardized Abbreviation of Usable Plant-Family Names and Type-Based Suprafamilial Names - browse

Abbr Familysort descending
ABIE Abietaceae
ABOL Abolbodaceae
ABRO Abrophyllaceae
ACAC Acaciaceae
ACAL Acalyphaceae
ACAN Acanthaceae
ACAT Acanthochlamydaceae
ACAR Acarnaceae
ACER Aceraceae
ACHA Achariaceae
ACHT Achatocarpaceae
ACHR Achradaceae
ACHY Achyranthaceae
ACMO Acmopylaceae
ACON Aconitaceae
ACOR Acoraceae
ACRI Acristaceae
ACRO Acrostichaceae
ACTA Actaeaceae
ACTI Actinidiaceae
ACTP Actiniopteridaceae
ACTS Actinostrobaceae
ADEN Adenogrammaceae
ADIA Adiantaceae
ADOX Adoxaceae