Comprehensive Scheme for Standardized Abbreviation of Usable Plant-Family Names and Type-Based Suprafamilial Names - browse

Abbrsort ascending Family
TRIO Triplobaceae
TRIN Triglochinaceae
TRIM Trimeniaceae
TRIL Trilliaceae
TRIG Trigoniaceae
TRIF Trifoliaceae
TRIE Tribelaceae
TRID Trichopodaceae
TRIC Trichomanaceae
TRIB Tribulaceae
TREW Trewiaceae
TREM Tremandraceae
TRAP Trapaceae
TRAL Trapellaceae
TRAG Tragiaceae
TRAD Tradescantiaceae
TOVA Tovariaceae
TORY Torreyaceae
TORR Torricelliaceae
TORM Tormentillaceae
TOFI Tofieldiaceae
TMES Tmesipteridaceae
TITH Tithymalaceae
TIN+ Tinaceae
TILL Tillandsiaceae