Comprehensive Scheme for Standardized Abbreviation of Usable Plant-Family Names and Type-Based Suprafamilial Names - browse

Abbrsort descending Family
CAMP Campanulaceae
CANA Canacomyricaceae
CANB Cannabaceae
CANE Canellaceae
CANN Cannaceae
CANO Canotiaceae
CANP Canopodaceae
CANS Cansjeraceae
CAPA Caprariaceae
CAPP Capparaceae
CAPR Caprifoliaceae
CARD Cardiopteridaceae
CARI Caricaceae
CARL Carlemanniaceae
CARN Carlinaceae
CARO Carpodetaceae
CARP Carpinaceae
CARR Caryocaraceae
CARS Carissaceae
CART Cartonemataceae
CARU Carduaceae
CARY Caryophyllaceae
CASI Cassiaceae
CASL Castelaceae
CASP Cassipoureaceae