Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: David Magnus Virgander (1734–1783)

Title: Frutetum Svecicum, ...

Date of Defense: 23 May 1758

Paginations: [ii], [1], 2-26

Lidén Title: Frutetum svecicum.

Soulsby Title: Fr. Svec.

Drake Title: Frutetum Svecicum.


Abstract: On the culture of fruit trees and fruit-producing shrubs in Sweden, and the importance of native plants for food.

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Respondent: Jonas Theodor Fagraeus (1729–1797)

Title: ... sistens Medicamenta graveolentia ...

Date of Defense: 13 June 1758

Paginations: [vi], [1], 2-24

Lidén Title: Medicamenta graveolentia.

Soulsby Title: Med. grav.

Drake Title: Medicamenta Graveolentia.


Abstract: A compendium of materia medica restricted to those medications having strong unpleasant odors, believed by Linnaeus to serve as a group useful for treatment of disorders of the nervous system.

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Respondent: Eric Olof Rydbeck (1732–1795)

Title: Pandora Insectorum, ...

Date of Defense: 15 July 1758

Paginations: [ii], [1], 2-31 (i.e., 23), 1 plate

Lidén Title: Pandora insectorum.

Soulsby Title: Pand. insect.

Drake Title: Pandora Insectorum.

Note: P. 17 misnumbered 38; p. 23 misnumbered 31.

Abstract: An essay on the metamorphosis of insects, with an enumeration of Swedish plants on which they feed. The plate is of nearly 50 rare kinds of insects with identifying numbers from Linnaeus' Systema naturae (ed. 10, 1758).

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Respondent: Johan Pilgren (1735–1782)

Title: Senium Salomoneum, ...

Date of Defense: {21} February 1759

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-24

Lidén Title: Senium Salomoneum.

Soulsby Title: Senium

Drake Title: Senium Salomoneum.

Note: Two copies have day supplied in manuscript; one copy has day left blank.

Abstract: An essay on King Solomon's description of old age, mostly a paraphrase from the Bible, Ecclesiastes, XII.

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Respondent: Augustin Loo (1736–1772)

Title: Auctores Botanici ...

Date of Defense: 14 March 1759

Paginations: [iii], [1], 3-20

Lidén Title: Auctores botanici.

Soulsby Title: Auct. bot.

Drake Title: Auctores Botanici.


Abstract: The work provides an alphabetical enumeration of some 350 authors of botanical works, giving for each his surname, first name, year of birth, professional or academic position, and title (abbreviated) of first botanical publication.

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Respondent: Eric Anders Nordblad (1739–1810)

Title: Instructio Peregrinatoris, ...

Date of Defense: 9 May 1759

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-15

Lidén Title: Instructio peregrinatoris.

Soulsby Title: Instr. peregr.

Drake Title: Instructio Peregrinatoris.


Abstract: A manual of etiquette for scientists and collectors going into foreign countries, treating of daily records to be made of observations, collections, local customs and expenses. It is one of the earliest directives of this character and detail.

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Respondent: Engelbert Jörlin (1733–1810)

Title: Plantae Tinctoriae, ...

Date of Defense: 16 May 1759

Paginations: [iii], [1], 5-30

Lidén Title: Plantae tinctoriae.

Soulsby Title: Pl. tinct.

Drake Title: Plantae Tinctoriae.


Abstract: An account of some 100 plants, mostly European, useful in dying vegetable fibers and animal hair.

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Respondent: Albrect Bäck (1737–1791)

Title: Animalia composita, ...

Date of Defense: 23 May 1759

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-9, [1]

Lidén Title: Animalia composita.

Soulsby Title: Anim. comp.

Drake Title: Animalia Composita.


Abstract: Provides descriptions of Lithophyta (corals) and Zoophyta (corallines).

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Respondent: Carl Henriksson Wännman (1733–1797)

Title: Flora Capensis, ...

Date of Defense: 30 May 1759

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-19, [1]

Lidén Title: Flora capensis.

Soulsby Title: Fl. Cap.

Drake Title: Flora Capensis.


Abstract: A flora of generic names with specific epithets only and no descriptions or distributions data, based on collections made in Cape Province, South Africa, by Johannes Burman (1710-1779), Joannes Hartog, Paul Herman (1646-1695) and Hendrik Bernhard Oldenland (d.1699).

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Respondent: Jacob Hidén (1731–1769)

Title: Ambrosiaca, ...

Date of Defense: 20 June 1759

Paginations: [i], [1], 3-14

Lidén Title: Ambrosiaca.

Soulsby Title: Ambros.

Drake Title: Ambrosiaca.


Abstract: Dissertation on Ambrosian medicines.

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