Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Jacob Rudberg (1725–1778)

Title: ... sistens Saporem Medicamentorum, ...

Date of Defense: 23 February 1751

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-20

Lidén Title: Sapor. medicamentorum.

Soulsby Title: Sapor. med.

Drake Title: Sapor Medicamentorum.

Note: Two of three copies have date altered in manuscript to {20} February 1751.

Abstract: A compendium of materia medica restricted to those medications identified by the sense of taste, and arranged in 11 classes.

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Respondent: Leonhard Johan Chenon (1732–1808)

Title: ..., qua Nova Plantarum Genera ...

Date of Defense: 19 October 1751

Paginations: [viii], [2], 3-47, [1], 1 plate

Lidén Title: Nova plantarum genera [1751].

Soulsby Title: Nova pl. gen. 1751

Drake Title: Nova Plantarum Genera.

Note: P. 13 misnumbered 15.

Abstract: This is part II of the earlier work (1747) of the same title of which Carl M. Dassow was the respondent. It is chiefly an account of eight new genera and their species, of plants collected by Pehr Kalm (1716-1779) in North America. A review of pre-Kalmian collectors in North America is provided.

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Respondent: Johan Johansson Haartman (1725–1787)

Title: Plantae Hybridae, ...

Date of Defense: 23 November 1751

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-30, 1 plate

Lidén Title: Plantae hybridae.

Soulsby Title: Pl. hybr.

Drake Title: Plantae Hybridae.


Abstract: An essay on plant hybridization in nature, acknowledging fertilization of one species by pollen of another, and reporting some fertile intergeneric crosses. Interspecific hybrids are cited in Geranium (= Pelargonium), Erica, and Mesembryanthemum (sensu latiore). A list of 34 species believed to be of hybrid origin is given with supporting notes for each. A second list of those of putative hybrid origin is also supplied.

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Respondent: Johan Georg Beyersten (1717–1804)

Title: Obstacula Medicinae ...

Date of Defense: {19} February 1752

Paginations: [ii], [1], 4-12

Lidén Title: Obstacula medicinae.

Soulsby Title: Obst. med.

Drake Title: Obstacula Medicinae.

Note: Day supplied in manuscript on three copies.

Abstract: A discussion of barriers to medical progress, with emphasis on faulty prescription of medications and ignorance by apothecaries of materia medica and of botany.

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Respondent: Johan Hiorth (1729–1804)

Title: Plantae Esculentae Patriae, ...

Date of Defense: 22 February 1752

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-28, [2]

Lidén Title: Plantae esculentae patriae.

Soulsby Title: Pl. escul.

Drake Title: Plantae esculentae Patriae.


Abstract: An enumeration of 127 native plants of Sweden that have been or could be used for food, condiments, and flavoring.

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Respondent: Johannes J. F. Wiman

Title: ... quo Euphorbia ejusque historia naturalis et medica exhibetur ...

Date of Defense: 6 May 1752

Paginations: [ii], [2], 3-33, [1]

Lidén Title: Euphorbia.

Soulsby Title: Euphorbia

Drake Title: Euphorbia, ejusque Historia naturalis & medica.


Abstract: An essay comprising a medico-botanical monograph of the genus Euphorbia, in which 53 species are described, with synonymy, with an emphasis on their medical uses.

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Respondent: Johan Lindhult (1723–1770)

Title: ... de Materia medica in Regno Lapideo ...

Date of Defense: 15 May 1752

Paginations: [i], [1], 3-28

Lidén Title: Materia medica in regno lapideo.

Soulsby Title: Mat. med. lapid.

Drake Title: Materia Medica in Regno Lapideo.

Note: All three copies dated 18 May 1752 [Soulsby gives 15 May].

Abstract: A compendium of 72 mineral substances prescribed by Linnaeus for medicinal needs arranged according to his classification, with pertinent mineralogical and medical data for each.

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Respondent: Sven Brodd (1722–1773)

Title: ... de Morbis ex Hyeme, ...

Date of Defense: 2 June 1752

Paginations: [iii], [1], 3-23

Lidén Title: Morbi ex hyeme.

Soulsby Title: Morb. Hyeme

Drake Title: De Morbis ex Hyeme.


Abstract: A compendium of diseases associated with weather conditions in Sweden, on the effects of intense cold on humans and animals, on meteorological phenomena of winter months, and on signs predictive of weather changes.

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Respondent: Carl Fredric Adler (1720–1761)

Title: Noctiluca marina, ...

Date of Defense: {9} June 1752

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-8, 1 plate

Lidén Title: Noctiluca marina.

Soulsby Title: Noctiluca

Drake Title: Noctiluca Marina.

Note: Three Strandell copies altered in ms. to {9 July} 1752.

Abstract: A report, with historical background, on the cause of phosphorescent luminescence of the sea, called "mareld" in Swedish, as seen in the wake of ships when in tropical waters, on wave crests in severe storms, or in western coastal areas in evening from August to September. Reported to be due to the minute flagellate worm, Nereis noctiluca, for which genus 11 species are described herein. Identity of the organism is reported to have been made first in 1749.

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Respondent: Anders Magnus Wåhlin (1731–1797)

Title: ... Odores Medicamentorum exhibens, ...

Date of Defense: {30} June 1752

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-16

Lidén Title: Odores medicamentorum.

Soulsby Title: Odor. med.

Drake Title: Odores Medicamentorum.

Note: Three copies have day supplied in manuscript.

Abstract: An essay on the value of medicinal odors by which to predict the therapeutic use of a medication. For this, Linnaeus classified such odors into seven classes.

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