Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Henrik Tonning (1732–1796)

Title: ... sistens Rariora Norvegiae ...

Date of Defense: 27 February 1768

Paginations: [vi], [1], 2-19, [1] (1 text figure)

Lidén Title: Rariora norvegiae.

Soulsby Title: Rar. Norv.

Drake Title: Rariora Norvegiae.


Abstract: A treatise on the natural history of Norway, with credits to Johan Ernst Gunnerus (1718-1773), Bishop of Trondheim and to J. Ström of Bergen. Presented are lists of rare animals and plants, with emphasis on those not found in Sweden. Report is given also of fruits of tropical American plants deposited from the sea along the coast in quantity. Among them are seeds of Cassia, Anacardium (cashew nuts), Cucurbita lagenaria L., the coconut, and Piscidia erythrina L. Included is an interpretation by Bishop Gunnerus of the identity of a sea-serpent, presuming it to be a number of sturgeon swimming in a row. Medicinal plants are enumerated separately, with notes on their uses. The thesis concludes with a description of an African plant named Gunnera L.

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