Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Nils Ericsson Dahlberg (1736–1820)

Title: ... Metamorphoses Plantarum sistens ...

Date of Defense: {3} June {July} 1755

Paginations: [iv], [1], 6-26

Lidén Title: Metamorphis [sic] plantarum.

Soulsby Title: Metam. pl.

Drake Title: Metamorphoses Plantarum.

Note: All three copies have day supplied in manuscript and the month has been corrected to Julii in two copies. All three copies also have the name of the auditorium and the time of day supplied in manuscript.

Abstract: This is Linnaeus' exposition on plant physiology and morphology in which he held the calyx of the flower to be an extension of the epidermis or outer bark; the corolla to be an extension of the inner bark; the androecium to be that of the wood or xylem and the gynoecium to be that of the pith. It is proposed that variations in these structures are due to differences in soil, climate and other environmental factors.

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