Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Nils Gahn (1733–1820)

Title: ... exhibens Plantas Officinales, ...

Date of Defense: 15 December 1753

Paginations: [iv], [1], 2-31, [1]

Lidén Title: Plantae officinales.

Soulsby Title: Pl. officin.

Drake Title: Plantae Officinales.


Abstract: A pharmaceutical essay for Swedish apothecaries, forming the first enumeration of medicinal plants to be equated with Linnaean Latin binomials. It provides three catalogues: (1) Plants of the Materia medica (ca. 580 spp.), with binomials, identifying the parts used medicinally, with directions for preparation and use of selected parts; (2) Native plants of Sweden, which should be used for medicinal needs rather than any imported material of the same species; (3) Plants that should be cultivated in Sweden to preclude any excuse for their importation.

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