Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Johan Christian Höjer (1730–?)

Title: Demonstrationes Plantarum in Horto Upsaliense 1753, ...

Date of Defense: 3 October 1753

Paginations: [viii], [1], 2-27, [1]

Lidén Title: Demonstrationes plantarum in horto upsaliensi 1753.

Soulsby Title: Demonstr. pl.

Drake Title: Demonstrationes Plantarum in Horto Upsaliensi MDCCLIII.


Abstract: An enumeration of some 1,450 species of exotic plants grown in the Uppsala botanic garden. This is the first publication after Species plantarum (1753) to use Linnaean binomials. William T. Stearn (1911-2001) considered this a first supplement to Species plantarum as it names and describes (in the footnotes) species not included therein.

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