Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Isaac J. Biberg (1726–1804)

Title: ... de OEconomia Naturae, ...

Date of Defense: 4 March 1749

Paginations: [viii], [1], 2-48

Lidén Title: Oeconomia naturae.

Soulsby Title: Oecon. nat.

Drake Title: OEconomia Naturae.

Note: P. 5 misnumbered 7; p. 37 misnumbered 7.

Abstract: An essay on the general composition of the three kingdoms of nature, on the effective balance that exists within each, and among the three as a whole. Points discussed include the formation of soils by erosion of rock and action of water; the dissemination of plants (especially by modifications of seeds and fruits), the ecology of community succession; and, in the animal kingdom, the migration, hibernation, and multigeneric communities of animals and their relation to rarity or commonness of species. The conclusion is made that a balance and harmony of nature exists, and that a correlation exists between reproduction and survival.

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