Original Linnaean Dissertations

Respondent: Daniel Rudberg (ca.1724–1797)

Title: ... de Peloria, ...

Date of Defense: 19 December 1744

Paginations: [x], 3-18, [4], 1 plate

Lidén Title: Peloria.

Soulsby Title: Peloria

Drake Title: Peloria.


Abstract: An account of colonies of Antirrhinum linaria (Linaria vulgaris Hill), which at one time was considered to be a distinct genus (Peloria L.) and in this dissertation is recognized correctly as a teratological form which produced actinomorphic gamopetalous corollas lacking any nectariferous spur. He observed, in some instances, that these flowers and the typical zygomorphic spurred corollas occurred on the same plant, and that the teratological flowers were sterile.

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